Concrete is widely used around the world due to its strength, versatility and is aesthetically appealing. The thermal mass of concrete is higher when compared to other materials. Heating and cooling cost in concrete building is substantially reduced when using the appropriate insulation. Reducing the thermal mass to make energy efficient building is important when designing, hence insulation of concrete structures is the ultimate cost effective solutions. The hollow core technology adds another layer of insulation and increases the insulation efficiency of the whole structure.

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Unlike other insulated concrete panels available on the market, the hollow connectors provides:

  • A shear connectors between the two concrete wythes.
  • The SR also provides a thermal break/bridging between the inner and outer layers of the panel
  • A Hollow cores for conduit of services or grouting.
  • High flexural strength to structures.
  • Finished surfaces without the need for rendering or topping.
  • Lighter & leaner structures- e.g. A 150mm thick insulated panel uses 30% less concrete and is 30% lighter.
  • Wall panel’s thickness could be halved when compared to other methods of constructing insulated walls.
  • Reduced build time and costs.
  • Improved acoustic performances.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Environmentally friendly.


    • The Insulated concrete panels is manufactured by the following methods:
    • Prepare formwork for casting
    • Add reinforcement
    • Attach the SR FRP hollow connectors
    • Pour concrete to outer layer
    • Place insulation between SR FRP connectors
    • Add reinforcement (if needed, depending on applications) to design requirements.
    • Finally, pour top layer of concrete and finishes.

SR reinforced wall panels could be used in multiple applications in the construction industry. Industrial, residential, agriculture and other infrastructure applications would benefit when integrated in the designs. Whilst conventional reinforcement is used in the panels, there are also applications, which would be exposed to harsh environments and would benefit more from other composite FRP reinforcement products.

Due to the polished finish of the external surface during precast or cast on site, it will make it ideal for architectural designs in   building facades using custom build formworks

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