To further reduce the cost of the insulated panels, Only the outer layer is precast in concrete with the SR connectors. This will also add strength to the structures. After placing the insulation in the cavities between the SR composite connectors, the inner layer of the panel is fabricated using dry wall (plaster/cement board or wood veneer or other finishes). The dry wall is screwed against the SR connectors that runs throughout the panels and act as the stud wall frame. The hollow core of the connectors is now used as conduit for services.

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Recent studies have found that “There is an upward trend in the use of lightweight, easily transportable, simplicity of assembly and installation, excellent behavior against corrosion and serve as excellent thermal insulation.


The semi precast panel is :

  • Transported to site
  • Lift in place
  • Attached to main structure of building using the pre-installed straps/anchors etc.
  • Insulation placed snuggly between the continuous SR connectors
  • The dry wall (plaster board) is ready to be screwed to the SR connectors

Due to the high tensile strength properties of the FRP composite, a higher strength and lighter weight panels are constructed.

By using the SR connectors in panels, less materials and labor is required when compared to any other precast insulated concrete panels. This makes it the most environmentally friendly and cost effective concrete panel without compromising on the versatility of finishes on both the inside and outside of the panels.

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