SR can offer enhanced protection and flexibility utilising specially designed rubberised jackets.

CRS is currently developing a product using the SR technology whereby a rubberized material is bonded on the external surface of the hollow bar to provide a safe barrier, this reduces the impact and secondary hazards during an explosion. The reinforced bar could be buried and used as a conduit to transfer electrical and fiber optic communications cables safely. Due to the non-conductive properties of the SR composite materials, lightweight of the products, the hollow core makes it a viable option for use as a conduits as specified in current standards and specifications. When manufactured in shorter length, then water tight connected together with water tight couplings to extend to required length. This means the piece can be transported and connected using minimum labor.

If installed by military personnel in highly volatile battle zones, minimum personnel are required thus reducing the risk of multiple casualties.

Defence forces are always researching innovative products that will mitigate the risk of injuries to its personnel and civilians. The CRS rubberized conduit will provide solutions to the defence industry and prevent the loss of human lives during explosions.’

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