SR can be used as part of the design of light and utility poles.

The soaring cost of replacement for ageing and problematic wooden poles throughout the world has been an area of concerns for the utilities & communications department. The disruption to electrical distribution during replacement of these utilities and communications infrastructures is a massive financial loss to the government, businesses and community as a whole. In some states, the Utility commissions have recommended for non-wood utility poles to be developed to prevent outages, hazards caused by fallen electrical poles during natural disasters and ongoing maintenance.

Innovative solutions are being developed and invested in to increase the life expectancy of poles and minimize any adverse effects.

The electromagnetic transparency of FRP composite materials, as well as the high strength to weight ratio has prompted manufacturers to design utility and decorative light poles that will be more sustainable. FRP is also termite resistant and will not compromise the strength of the structure.

Using the SR technology, the FRP composites with its high tensile strength is embedded in a cementious material to manufacture the poles. It has been designed and developed to solve those pertinent issues being experienced with traditional poles. The poles will be lighter when compared to other existing poles of similar diameter, which makes it a versatile and cost effective solution. Once buried and stabilized, the SR poles would be able to withstand the force of nature and be conducive to the harsh environmental conditions. The designs also allow for cross arms to be attached using brackets and accessories. The poles are then used as light, traffic monitoring cameras, electrical distributions and transmission poles.


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