Under recommendations from the American Concrete institute (ACI), Industry Codes and Guides have been amended to incorporate the use of FRP in concrete structures.

ISO 14484:2013 ED1 : Performance guidelines for design of concrete structures using fiber reinforce polymer(FRP) materials.

ACI Standards
American Concrete Institute: ACI 440.1R-06 “Guide for the Design and Construction of Structural Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars.”

  • ACI 440R-07 Report on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcement for Concrete Structures
  • ACI-318-05, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete
  • ACI-421 (2000), Design of Reinforced Concrete Slabs
  • ACI-440.1R-06, Guide For the Design and Construction of Structural Concrete with FRP Bars
  • ACI 440.1R-15 Guide for the design and construction of structural concrete Reinforced with Fiber Reinforce Polymer (FRP) Bars.

CSA Standards

  • Canadian Standards Association: CSA S806(12): ‘Design and Construction of Building Components with Fibre Reinforced Polymers (Basic Code –02, but with updates in May ’02, Dec ’02, May ’04, Nov ’05, Aug ’09)

If bridges are involved, the following code also needs to be considered:

  • CSA S6(–06): ‘Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code’ Building and bridge applications.

CSA S806-02 Design and Construction of Building Components with Fibre Reinforced Polymers has been formally accepted as a code and Section 16 of CSA S6-06 Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code has been revised.

  • A23.3-05, Design of Concrete Structures
  • S806-02, Design and Construction of Building Components with Fibre Reinforced Polymers (2002)
  • National Building Code of Canada, 2005

British Standards (BS-EN)
In Great Britain, the Interim Guidance on the Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures using Fibre Composite Reinforcement (IStructE 1999) takes the form of suggested changes to the British design codes BS8110, “Structural Use of Concrete, Parts 1 and 2” (British Standards Institution [BSI] 1997) and BS5400, “Part 4 Code of Practice for the Design of Concrete Bridges” (BSI 1990).

The approach taken by the IStructE document is consistent with that taken by CSA S6 (ACI 440R-07).

Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures

  • BS EN 1992-1-1:2004
Design of concrete structures. General rules and rules for buildings
  • BS EN 1992-2:2005
Design of concrete structures. Concrete bridges. Design and detailing rules

The above codes supersede the BS8810 and 5400.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2015
“Design Propositions for Hybrid FRP-Steel reinforced Concrete Beams.” The study concluded that hybrid RC beams that use GFRP and steel bars provide better ductility performance than do other types of FRP bars.

JSCE Standard Specification materials (Design)
“Concrete structures using continuous fiber reinforcing materials” include structures where continuous fiber reinforcing materials is used together with steel reinforcement or pre-stressing steel”. Chapter and section numbers given in this Design Recommendation refer to the JSCE Standard Specification (Design), 1996 edition.


Other acceptable AS/NZ, US ,BS ,EU Standards and building codes relating to the use of FRP in Construction, infrastructure, electrical & communication also have relevant sections which will be applicable when using the SR hollow bar. Contact your local standards library.

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