SR can be used as part of the design of traffic bollards

Traffic accidents are a daily occurrence on the road, which result in mild to fatal injuries. Pedestrians, traffic and security barriers as well as speed limit have been have been introduced to protect pedestrians as well as vehicle occupants. Bollards must be design to be less hazardous during failure. Rigid bollards with rounded edge are the preferred choice when designing bollards. Crash barriers should also be designed to be crash worthiness. This reduced the potential for injuries during a crash.

Using SR in bollard construction results in light but strong bollards which will perform better during a crash due to the superior mechanical properties of the FRP composite. It reduces the amount of concrete to be used, is a cost effective solutions and would reduce the fatalities during an impact.

Traffic and security barriers, road dividers could be designed using the SR technology of the hollow bar. This would reduce the amount of concrete used, be maintenance free, resistant to corrosion and enhance the life of the structure.

The hollow bollards/barriers would provide a conduit for night-light to be installed to make it more visible to pedestrians and motorists without compromising the structure’s design or performance.

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