At Composite Reinforcement Solutions(CRS) we provide real solutions for reinforcing concrete and non-concrete  structures.

Our aim is to used materials and processes which will make significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030.

CRS Range:

Our SR range of products uses an innovative proprietary technology. Tested by Australian Advance materials Engineering team. The CRS system investigated the flexural behaviour of hollow core concrete slabs reinforced with the GFRP hollow bars with GFRP solid bars.  Steel rebar and the CRS GFRP hollow Bars has also been tested and proven to achieve high performance.

CRS range of proprietary products also include solid GFRP reinforcing bars, permanent formwork , nano reinforcement, plastic/rubberised aggregates.
– Improved mechanical bonding
– Provides stability around the voids in hollow core structures.
– Prevent shear failure

-increase load capacity
– lighter structures

Our product range are made from high performance Fibre Reinforced Polymer(FRP) a strong, lightweight non-conductive and corrosion resistant material. We also use recycle plastics, rubber, combined with other “Supermaterial” additives.